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Anthony Armstrong restore scooter project.
Lambretta Serveta
Li 150 Special

I started this project because I was hit on my 1959 Allstate Vespa.
The scooter was totaled. Luckily I was wearing my helmet and
I made it throw some-what ok.
15 Pictures Gallery September 01-05
First work day. Take off leg shell, document wiring and see what type of
nightmare I'm getting into. Note every screw on the leg shell was rusted
and had to be drill off. 5Hr?
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September 02-05
Remove wiring, cables and document their position.
Note more soap and water! 5Hr?

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September 03-05
Strip off paint and corrosion from headset parts.
Note tons of rust and corrosion. 8Hr?

September 06-05
Little bodywork on the headset to cover-up the turn light hole and repair
the horn cover holds and break on the right side. Polish headset brake
lever parts.

5 Pictures Gallery

September 11-05
Remove motor. More soap, water and B12 cleaner!

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September 12-05
Clean parts (B12 cleaner are Gas) and grind rust off
with wire wheel. Polish case cover.

View Picture September 13-05
Buffed any corrosion I could find off of all internal parts. The crankshaft
was on good and the bearing was blown out. The crankshaft viewed is for
another scoot.
6 Pictures Gallery

September 15-05
Check bearing; replace seal and more buffing parts! PS I honed and
polished the ports in the cylinder.

9 Pictures Gallery September 21-05
Clean up bodywork on parts and paint. Remove little spots of
rust from scooter frame.

September 22-05
Paint a few parts and primer some spots on frame to stop rust.

5 Pictures Gallery September 23-05
On the scooter I restore I use the original part down to the ward
wear if it possible. More buffing parts Fun Fun!
12 Pictures Gallery

September 26-05
The first picture is stuff I'm going to chrome? One wheel rims has
Innocenti stamped on it. It not the right rim for a Serveta but what
a score! Rebuilt the carburetor and speedometer.

6 Pictures Gallery October 01-05
More rust control! Primer and pant the underside hard to get to spots.
6 Pictures Gallery

October 02-05
Today I reorganize my workspace and cleaned up the
1959 - 1960 Lambretta Li150 Series 2.
Project coming soon!

View Picture October 04-05
Primer and pant topside of the tube frame hard to get to spots.

9:00am to 1:30 - 4 1/2Hr
12 Pictures Gallery October 05-05
Primer and pant topside of the tube frame hard to get to spots.

9:09am to 4:16 - 7Hr
View Picture October 06-05
Fell in spots on leg shell to smooth out later. Finish panting glove
box and taillight and assemble assorted parts. 11:55 to 3:10 - 3 Hr
View Picture October 10-05
Polished a few parts. 4:55 to 5:50 - 1Hr
View Picture October 11-05
More bodywork!
- 3Hr
10 Pictures Gallery October 12,15,16-05
I did random work over these days. Bodywork, Primer, Paint under
side of parts and assemble set lock.
5 Pictures Gallery October 17-05
Finish painting the body. Note: When using spray can pant its better to
spray small area of the body. The dam WHEEL REM! It took forever to
get the rims apart just to find out it had too much rust. 3Hr
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October 18-05
Assemble headset, string column, greased bearing and random work.
- 2Hr

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October 19-05
Assemble set bracket, main scooter stand, taillight assemble and
Lambretta emblem. Put on brake paddle and switch, rear finder.
- 4Hr

October 20-05
More pant and primer work and some assembly work.
8:46 to 11:08 / 3:28 to 5:30 - 4Hr

9 Pictures Gallery

October 22-05
Put on glove box and more priming and panting small parts.
11:14 to 5:21 - 6Hr

7 Pictures Gallery

October 25-05
I took the rivet out of the brake paddle switch and replaced them with
screws. The rivets were very loose. When a Lambrettas has problem
with the rear light flickering are stuck on it's because of the rivets coming
out most of the time. More pant and body work. Fun!
11:23 to 3:22 - 4Hr

View Picture October 27 30 N1 -05__---______Did lots of bodywork over these
days. Hammer out a few dents. One of the side cowls had a lot of spotty
corrosion._ I had to use a lot of Bondo then sand most of it away for the
best finish.__ The cowls can pass a magnet test because there is only a
small amount of bondo remaining. About: 3Hr
12 Pictures Gallery November 03-05 ______ Put on all cables and tested their position
for binding-up. Set the gear shifter position. Clean and check front brake
switch for corrosion. The front hub is missing some parts. I will hook that
up later. 8:23 to 10:43 -- 11:28 to 5:10 - 7Hr
9 Pictures Gallery November 04-05 ______ Rewired the hold system because rectifier
for Serveta is hard to find. The new wiring is design to have no battery.
This scooter is good to be my daily rider and I don't want to look for
another rectifier every two years. 10:00 to 4:26 - 6Hr
7 Pictures Gallery November 05-05 ______ I Finished up the wiring today. The horn
worked so I cleaned it up with some other parts. The horns main mount
screw rusted off. I drill and tapped the hold. _ You can see that I used
random color wire. _ I all way label my wiring system so there want be
a problem later. 8:05 to 1:47 - 6Hr
5 Pictures Gallery November 09 to 10-05
The front hub was crack and to corroded too use. These are the only
parts I could recover.
- 2Hr
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November 14, 17, 19-05
Over these days I did a lot of small cleanup work and more parting
and sanding. Fun fun!.
- 5Hr

November 24-05
More parting and sanding. Fun fun!.
- 2Hr
View Picture November 26-05 I got some brake pads from Garners Classic
Scooters in Cleburne, Texas. He mostly has Vespa parts, but in the
back stocks there is a box full of Serveta parts in their original bags.
What a score! Every time I go to Garners I hit the Serveta box. 1Hr
November 27-05 __ Yes! More parting. I added a spring to the
front brake lever. I've never been satisfied with the front brakes on
old scooter. The front cable tins too stick little. The added spring
makes it work how it's suppose to. - 4hr
View Picture November 30-05
I went to the store to get hardware to put on the leg shelled. I also
had to drill and tap two hold on the horn cover. - 1Hr
December 03-05
Today I couldn't wait to put on the leg shelled to see what
the scooter will look like. I'm waiting on parts to advance the
project at the time. - 2Hr
10 Pictures Gallery December 10 -05 _____ Got Lam parts in and did some assembly
work over three days. Put together nose, horn cover and fuel tank. I
made an extension for the fuel rod and added a nut to backup the
screw holds on the head light cover. Tie down the leg shell with wing
nut in hard to get too spots. - 8Hr
6 Pictures Gallery December 25, 2005
Replace Speedo gear parts and Speedo face place, closed up kill
switch button hold and polish motor parts. 6hr
View Picture December 31, 2005
The Li150 looks ready to go but it still needs parts for the motor. This
gave me time to work on my Jet200. 8hr
5 Pictures Gallery January 7, 2006 On most old lambretta, the handlebar parts
get lose over time. Door sign metal is good for filling up the space
and it's easy to work with._- I put a new crank in and closed up the
transmission, __I don't have pictures of this work. Put on the spare
tire, rack, seat, handlebar grips and bags. Still waiting on more part
for the Li, I did a ton of work on the Jet200. 16hr
View Picture January 8, 2006
Still waiting on more part for the Li, I did a lot of panting on the Jet200
and check the electrical system on both scooters. 8hr
5 Pictures Gallery January 14, 2006
Put on 12 Volt electronic ignition kit and finish up wiring. 6rh
View Picture January 20, 2006
Had to take the key ignition switch to a locksmith to have a key made.
Put on key switch and finish up wiring. 2hr
View Picture January 23, 2006 __One hard day! The electronic ignition kit
flywheel _didn't have the marking stamped on it to time the motor.
I did it the hard way _and tested the
_ stator-plate_ in all position. I
had a _carburetor problem_ at the same
_ time that made checking
the flywheel timing impossible.
6 hour later I got it to run O happy Days!!!
View Picture January 24, 2006
To day I work on the carburetor problem. The jets were a little clog up
with hard to get to corrosion. I tied up a lot of lost ends like the muffler
connector, foot leg shield and stuff.
5 hour
You can find the before and after pictures on the
gallery page under the (GetBent-sc members
picture gallery) Anthony Armstrong.
Lambretta - Serveta Li 150 Special Project Time: Januar 10, 2006 - 224hr

People always ask me what dose it cost to rectory an old scooter.
I say it better if you do the work yourself.
If I only rebuild the motor, put in all new cable, wiring and test ride the scooter to check for everything working.
No painting, bodywork or parts included. I say about 1,500 to 2,500. Most people say we will talk to you later.
Here is the problem.
At $25.00 Dollar and hour my Li 150 would cost 5,600 plus parts 1,894.96 = $7494.96
Most scooter shops charge $60.00 hour. Plus parts $15,334.96.
It's better if you do it yourself are pay the price.
The next question asked is could you get $15,334.96 or $7494.96 for my Lambretta.
I don't thing so. But that's not why I put 224 hour into this scooter. And I will never sale it.
I just like working on old motor scooters and getting to ride it when I finished.
If you want a good looking and running scooter you have to put the time in. No pain no gain.
Anthony Armstrong January 25, 2006. Five-month Lambretta projected.